Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Artist's Gathering Place - Tina's Opening

My friend Tina Tammaro is an AMAZING painter! Her show "Contemplating the Spaces Between" opened Friday at the YWCA Women's Art Gallery on Walnut Street. Tina's subjects are family and friends captured in intimate moments in everyday settings - or is that everyday moments in intimate settings? Anyway, they're beautiful and deep and meaningful and rich. And it is so wonderful to see her paintings beautifully lit in a gallery space and to see so many people looking at her work. It was especially fun to see some of the actual subjects in the paintings standing and looking at the paintings themselves! After, we all partied at Tina's loft. The food was great - I made a killer chili and cheesy jalapeno cornbread. Martha brought 2 kinds of spiced nuts - one sweet, the other spicy. She also brought a cheese ball - and I don't mean some hideous orange store bought blob - this was a beautiful, white, silky, lemony bag cheese that started life wrapped and drained in cheese cloth. The ginger chutney it was  served with was a perfect foil to the creamy lightness of the cheese. Barb brought her famous brownies and there was copious wine. Ever notice how the best parties are often on the coldest nights? We escaped the frigid weather and gathered inside to celebrate our friend's success and recognition. I'm proud!

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  1. Blythe, I love your new blog. You do me proud! How did you find that bookcase background. It's a very attractive frame for your posts. I like your short profile - so succinct! You've started an intriguing blog.